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Assalamualaikum ...

Rasanya baru beberapa bulan lepas tengok Allahyarham Aziz Sattar kat TV. Tadi pula baru terbaca, Aziz Sattar dah meninggal dunia.

Pelakon Veteran, Datuk Abdul Aziz Sattar, 89, meninggal dunia akibat penyakit jantung di Hospital Kajang, di sini, kira-kira jam 2 pagi tadi. Anak perempuannya, Sandakiah memberitahu, Aziz menghembuskan nafas terakhirnya di sisi dua anak, menantu dan seorang cucu.

[sumber wikipedia - Abdul Aziz Sattar]

Aziz Sattar was born in Pekalongan, Central Java, Indonesia on August 8, 1925. When he was three years old, his family migrated to Singapore, where he was raised at Pasir Panjang. There, he met and befriended Salleh Kamil and Shariff Dol, who would later go on to extensive movie careers similar to his own. Sattar's early education was at the Sekolah Melayu Kota Raja, but he could not continue his education beyond the age of 11, due to the Japanese occupation of Malaya at the time. 
By the time Sattar was 10 years old, he displayed talent as a natural comedian and entertainer, performing for local weddings and festivals in his village. When in his early 20s, he worked as a lorry driver.Career
In 1952, Sattar and his two childhood friends were invited to work at the Malay Film Productions studio. Initially, Sattar worked solely as a crew member, but in 1953, he was invited to join the supporting cast of the film Putus Harapan. More film offers continued, and Sattar eventually became a comedian staple of the Malay films of that era, appearing with successful actor P. Ramlee on numerous occasions, most notably in the Bujang Lapok series of films.
Personal lifeSattar has married three times. First was with Siti Rumina Ahmad and second with Dayang Sofiah, both of whom were divorced. On December 16, 2006, he wed Hashimah Delan in a high-profile affair that was covered extensively by the Malaysian media. 

setiap yang bernyawa, pasti akan mati. al-fatihah.

p/s : terkenang filem-filem lakonan arwah.

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